Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Our Weekend in Pictures

We had nothing scheduled on the calendar for this past weekend so hubby and I took advantage of our Saturday night and dropped the girls off at their grandparents so we could fit our second date night in of the month!  Before we headed out the girls watched some cartoons together on their tablet together, Brooklyn made some bracelets and Kayla looked at items through her microscope.  Sunday morning was a day filled with rain which in return meant a pajama day for us all.  The girls painted while I baked a delicious vegan chocolate cake and made corn cheese chowder for dinner.  Rainy days are always my favorite when they fall on a weekend and we have no where to be!!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Our Last Week of January

I'm really sad this month is over in just a few days.  The next couple of months are going to be jam packed with things to do.  I'm very thankful for our days we had in January, here is a glimpse of our last week of the month.

Last Saturday we went to a birthday party where there were horses on the property.  Kayla spent quite awhile petting this one before Brooklyn and I joined her.  It was one sweet horse.

After that party we headed to my mother in laws to celebrate my birthday.

The girls being crazy waiting for their dinner at their own little table.

We always have more than enough food to eat at my in laws.  This was our starter plate.....it was so delicious!

I'm pretty sure Brooklyn thought the Happy Birthday singing was just for her! 

Sunday I scrubbed and cleaned off the two other antique chairs that we had brought home from my mother in laws.  I love how they look with our kitchen table.  I am worried though how well the fabric is going to last without getting ruined with two kids!  

Sunday night we received a text from Brooklyn's coach that her first practice would be on Monday night.  I will say I was a bit bummed since usually practices begin the first week of February so I thought I had atleast one more week off but Brooklyn was excited to start and it turns out she has a lot of friends on her team so she was happy!

Kayla's first practice was Wednesday which I don't have a picture of.   Both of the girls will practice on Monday and Wednesdays which is good and bad.   It will be nice having the rest of the evenings off at home for awhile but it also is a bummer that I will not be able to enjoy watching Kayla practice since I will be watching Brooklyn at her practice.   Kayla did get an awesome coach this season as well, we really lucked out with both girls getting on good teams.  Hubby is helping coach Kayla's team this season which is one of the reasons we got to get the coach we wanted.  It will be a fun season this year for both the girls and us!

After school this week I set up water color paints for Brooklyn.  She loves to paint so I knew she would be excited to do some painting.  I left her alone for a bit and when I came back in the room she had soaking wet hands from dipping her hands in the water and had attempted to paint all over her face.  I'm glad it was only watercolor paint!  For some reason she has always enjoyed painting or drawing on her body, I though she would be old enough at 6 years old to not do this anymore but apparently not.  This girl, always keeping us on our toes!

This week I've been waking up early to work out so on Thursday I had some extra time and decided to surprise the girls for breakfast and make them chocolate chip pancakes.  They were so excited and when I turned around to put away the orange juice they started clapping.  They told me I got a round of applause for my act of kindness. 

Thursday and Friday this week we had some amazing weather so Brooklyn and I decided to walk/scooter to pick up Kayla from school

Friday was pajama day so I had to get a picture of my girls in their pj's off to school in the morning.

Brooklyn was a cranky puss when I picked her up from Kindergarten on Friday but once I told her I was taking her picture the smiles came and the sad face was gone!

Scootering home
Yay for Friday!!

The girls played with some green slime they got in their party gift bags from Saturday while I made homemade mac n cheese for dinner.

Our last Friday of the month we spent with a movie night watching the second Night at the Museum.  I picked up the cute popcorn seasonings at Target earlier in the morning.  They were selling them with the Valentines day stuff in a pack with popcorn as well.  I thought they would be fun for the girls to top their popcorn with their flavor of choice!

And that's our last week of the month!  We are supposed to get some rain on Sunday which will be perfect to spend the day cuddled up at home.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 22, 2016


Where did the month of January go?!  I really love this month and the stillness of it, everything settles down after the busyness of the holidays.  Right now I'm wishing we still had a few more weeks of the month left!   I only have one more week until softball practices begin and the chaos of running all over begins.  Here's some of the fun we've been up to this month,

Kayla was excited to find that Vinnie had chosen her bed as his favorite spot for a few weeks this month.  I found them hanging out one morning before school and often he was found snoozing away on her bed while she was away at school.  

Kayla said she wanted blueberries in her oatmeal one morning and she was happy to see them smiling back at her 

Brooklyn had been asking me if I could drop her off at school so she could walk in with Kayla like the big kids.  I told her okay, but only sometimes because I enjoy walking her up as much as I can because I know those days will be gone soon.
This picture is from a week ago but yesterday I dropped them off and they held hands....I may have teared up a bit.

Brooklyn's doing so well in school, half the time I don't even need to read her the directions for her homework.  She knows exactly what to do and gets it done right away after school.

Kayla reached her one million words read again this year!
These girls are just too much and I don't know how I got so lucky!!!

Another little reader in the house!
I woke up to find Kayla still asleep in her room and Brooklyn quietly reading in the family room.
They must've switched places that morning!

My buddy and I waiting for Kayla to get out of school!

Yay for a date night.
We went out to dinner and then to a concert last Friday night, it was so much fun!

The next morning the girls got to wear the pajamas to the donut shop to pick up our breakfast....you think they were happy?

Later that day we headed out to take a look at some new houses being built nearby.   We were interested in one of the floor plans but after considering moving we decided to stay put instead and maybe do some work on our home we have now.

It was the grand opening of these homes so they had a lot of fun activities for the girls.

I'm pretty sure they had an excellent time!

That night I headed out to meet some friends for dinner but first made a quick stop at Anthropologie to do some shopping.

Can't believe I had two fun nights out on the town!
I've known these three since high school and we always have a great time catching up.

After last weekend out and about without these girls I'm looking forward to a weekend being spent with them!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Happy Wednesday!!
3 More days until the weekend, not that I'm counting down or anything.  I just wanted to drop in and share that a few of my photography items are now listed for sale over at Society6 and right now everything ships for free!  If you've never heard of Society6 you need to check them out.  They sale a ton of fun products from artists and photographers.  I've ordered a lot of fun pillows and art prints from them in the past.  Here are a few samples of what you can find listed in my shop, Upon A Dream Designs.

Since I have a slight addiction to pillows, they are of course my favorite products on the site.  I'm sure a few will be making their way to our home quite soon!

There are many more to choose from so be sure to click here to take a look!