Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Here and There

Other than running around getting everything ready for Halloween night and trying to fit in as many last minute fun things for the girls to do I made sure to schedule my only kid free mornings with getting my hair done and going to the doctors.  I'm secretly looking forward to next Tuesday when the house is empty, quiet and I can do whatever I want!  But in the meantime there is lots to get done, baking, cleaning, watching all of our Halloween movies, carving pumpkins and painting some as well.  I'm sad this holiday came up so fast but pretty excited that after Friday night I'm free to listen to Christmas music all I want!  Don't worry decorations will not come out until after Thanksgiving and I did take a few pictures of our home dressed and ready for Halloween night.  This weekend the spooky decor will be piled back in their boxes and just the pumpkins and Fall items will stay.

I'll be back to share our pumpkin carving and painting fun later this week!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Harvest Festival and Weekend Happenings

Friday night was the Harvest Festival at Kayla's school.  We have gone every year and always have a good time.  The girls run from game to game playing and talking to all their friends.  Kayla is a part of the Sundance Singers so she also performed.  Afterwards we went out to dinner at Chili's and then home and ready for bed.

Kayla ready to perform,

Saturday morning was our community garage sale so while hubby was outside getting rid of some of our junk I made us all donuts for breakfast with Halloween sprinkles of course,

Kayla is enjoying her vampire teeth

After everything was cleaned up from the yard sale I did some antiquing.  I had to stop into this bookstore for the smell alone, I love the smell of old books!

The girls spent most of the day riding bikes while I was gone and when I came home they came inside to play and I started on dinner

I made this pork roast which came out delicious!

After dinner it was movie night, Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride.  The girls pretty much love all of Tim Burton's movies.  Makes me so proud!

Sunday was a great day spent at home, the girls rode bikes in the morning while hubby did the yard and washed the cars.   Kayla played online for a bit and then Brooklyn got her turn.

Afterwards we did a Halloween craft which is now my favorite decoration in the house.

Those two little pumpkins look so cute lit up with battery operated candles in the evening.

Snacks and some story writing

I ended up making chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon to add into our Halloween buckets we put together to BOO a few friends this week.

We delivered one "BOO" once the sun went down and the other one will be delivered during this week since that family was out of town for the weekend.  If you don't know what it is to "BOO" someone it's just a fun thing you leave on someone's doorstep and ring or knock and then run away so when they open the door all they find is a fun surprise! 

Friday night after we went out to dinner we hit up The Dollar Store and bought the buckets and a few things to go in them such as glow sticks, cotton candy, spooky teeth, skull straws etc. and then we put some of the cookies in that we baked.  The girls love this, they think it's so fun which I will admit it is pretty fun.

Once we were home it was time to get ready for Monday morning. 
 Can't wait for Friday night!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday Favorites

Since it is Fall and all I thought I would share my favorite soups for Friday Favorites.  Unfortunately we haven't had many soup nights here but fingers crossed that that changes in the next week or two.  
If you love soups be sure to give some of these, if not all of these a try. We love them around here!

I make this soup every year for Halloween night, usually in advance and freeze it and I make A LOT so we are stocked through the cold months.
We also like this version of Tomato Soup as well, if we run out of our freezer stock I will make this one to switch things up a bit.

this soup is easy and delicious what more could you ask for?

Kayla loves chicken noodle soup so I make this especially for her.  I follow this recipe except I use store bought chicken stock, shhhh don't tell Ina!

all of the veggies just makes me feel healthy and the cannellini beans give it such a hearty flavor but make sure you make the baguette croutons to go with it.

I never knew kale was so delicious until I made this soup, seriously the kale makes this soup.  I would say it's one of my favorites but really I love all of these soups the same except....

This is my favorite, in fact it's the entire families favorite well minus Brooklyn but she rarely eats anything at dinner anyway.  Kayla has been requesting this since August and I have yet to make it because it has not been cold enough here.  This soup calls for the perfect weathered day and I'm hoping that is in the next few weeks!  I don't add the bell peppers in since hubby and Kayla aren't fans but it is served in a bread bowl just as the recipe shows and is AMAZING!  You really must try it.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Where in the world has the month of October gone??!!  I can't believe Halloween is less than two weeks away, before we know it it'll be time to pull out the bins of Christmas decorations....eeek!
Okay no more stressing myself out, this month has been so laid back as far as weekends go.  We've had a few things to do here and there but there has been a lot of family time lounging around which is exactly the way I like it!
Last week the weather finally decided to cool off and by cool off I mean 70's or 80's.  I guess I won't complain it's better than the high 90's we started the month out in.  Anywho since the weather cooperated with my liking we took advantage of it by eating dinner outside, riding bikes or scooters and playing outside until bath time!

Who doesn't love a delicious meal served al fresco?

Brooklyn and I walked, well I walked and she scootered to Kayla's school for pick up and along the way her bff pulled up with her mom and we asked if she wanted to ride Kayla's scooter to pick up.  These two are like peas in a pod together, love watching their crazy girly selves.

Kayla and Brooklyn were having way too much fun making up their own games to play in the backyard to make them come inside so outside they played until bath and bedtime.

Kayla off to school, she still loves it and is doing awesome.  The other day she got an award from the state for her outstanding dedication and kindness in the classroom.

Since Brooklyn is only at school twice a week we get to spend oodles of time together.  She still loves all things girly and is usually found decorating the family room with her 68 barbie dolls or dressing up her stuffed animals.

Our home is decorated and ready for Halloween and the plan is to take some pictures to share with you all by next week. 

Also I have added a few 5x7 prints to the shop, I love changing out pictures around our home and thought these were a fun way to switch it up for the upcoming holidays.  I'll be adding more throughout the week so be sure to check back.
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