Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Jonas!

We celebrated my nephew's birthday Saturday afternoon and today he is officially a one year old!

How has it already been a year?
A year ago we were all waiting at the hospital for what seemed like forever to meet this little face.

He is such a happy boy, so loving and sweet, super smart and completely adorable!

Poor lil guy was not a fan of the cake

or happy with his aunt taking a million pictures!

Happy 1st Birthday Jonas,
We love you!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites


With season premieres just around the corner I thought I would share a few of my favorite t.v. shows which I can not wait to come back on!!
After months of horrible reality t.v. which I will not lie but do enjoy to a certain extent I am so looking forward to some good 'ole fashioned television shows to watch in the evenings!

First up is Nashville, I love a good drama and it can't get any better than this show.  I love all the music and can Deacon and Rayna just get together already please!

I was hesitant to even add Revenge to this list.  It used to be so good but now it's just getting weird.  I'm worried this season might kill this show if last season didn't already.  I'll still be tuning in though just to see what happens since I've been a follower from the beginning.

Ugghhh this show, The Following, it's so darn scary!  It's one of those shows that I can't stop watching even though I'm scared to watch it every time.  It is VERY suspenseful and I dread watching but I just can't turn away, I can't!  I'm curious to see where this season goes after the past finale.

After watching something scary I need some humor and I do love a good comedy!  The Goldbergs is hilarious, the mother is an absolute nut and I love that I can relate to her crazy mom ways except I usually just think them she full on does it.  It's also a fun throw back to the 80's. 

Of course Modern Family is a favorite!
I'm pretty sure everyone has seen this show by now if not, where have you been?

I look forward to Friday nights to watch Last Man Standing, why, I don't know.  It's a good easy comedy I guess.  Tim Allen is very conservative and his daughters and wife are a bit more liberal.  The show brings up political junk but it's done in a humorous way making it light and funny.  It's something fun to watch after the long week.

Parenthood.....need I say more?!  
By far my favorite show I have ever watched.  I just started watching this 3 seasons ago and spent the first half of the Summer going back and watching every single episode I had missed on Netflix.  To say I am sad this is the last season is an understatement!  I wish this show could go on forever.  I love that they pretty much cover every life event a person/family could ever deal with and I seriously want a cliffs notes on this show so I can go back in the future to remember how each character dealt with a certain situation at the time.  I cry every episode....every single time.
Watch it!

I haven't heard of too many new shows that sound like they are going to be good except for, Marry Me.  I'm looking forward to watching this new show coming in October, we loved Happily Ever After and it's supposed to be just as hilarious.  Hopefully it will be good! 

I know Scandal and The Good Wife are supposed to be really good but I never watched them because of recording conflicts with my previous shows.  Other than those two what are a few of your favorite shows that I might be missing out on?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Brooklyn's Celebrations Round 2

Brooklyn had her party on Sunday but Monday was her actual birthday.  Brooklyn has Monday's off so hubby and I decided to take her to Build a Bear as a little surprise.  Poor Kayla was at school and although it was nice spending some time one on one with Brooklyn our little family felt a bit incomplete without her.  Brooklyn missed her as well, she mentioned at lunch she wished Kayla was with us.  But at Build a Bear she was too busy browsing through all the items to choose from to even think about anything else.  I really thought we would be there forever but she was actually pretty quick at picking out what she wanted.

She quickly chose the pink bear and then it was off to fill her up with stuffing.

Brooklyn picked out a heart and stuffed it in.

Then it was off for a quick bear bath and fluff to get her all ready to try on some outfits

She found a pink sparkly dress and a pair of pajamas for her bear and we were done.
She decided to name her Kate, we have no clue where the name came from but she was very sure of naming the bear Kate.

After creating "Kate" we stopped at Red Robin for lunch, Brooklyn ordered pepperoni pizza and was then surprised with a chocolate sundae for dessert.  She really enjoyed having everyone sing to her of course.

Later on in the evening once Kayla was home we gave Brooklyn her presents from us.

She really wanted these 'surfer barbies' she kept talking about how neat they were cuz she had never seen any like that before so she was extremely excited to see these when she opened her gifts.

It was about time this Parisian loving girl had her own Eiffel Tower for her room

She said it was a great birthday and hasn't stopped playing with all her gifts since.

Tuesday at school I brought in cookies and juice so she could celebrate with her classmates. She had been asking to celebrate her birthday at school ever since we went to Kayla's class last year to celebrate Kayla's 7th birthday.  
They all sang happy birthday to her and she got to wear a crown which of course she was still wearing several hours later when I went to pick her up.  I'd say she enjoyed her 5th birthday celebrations very much!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ten On Ten

ten on ten button

I have more pictures to share of Brooklyn's birthday celebrations but today is Ten on Ten so we'll get to those on another day.
I love capturing 10 pictures of our day each month for Ten on Ten, it's always fun to look back on and see what we were up to at that time.
Here is what our Wednesday in September looks like,

Lunch is packed for Kayla, Brooklyn doesn't go to Pre-K on Wednesdays instead she got to run a few errands with me.

Kayla wants me to pick out her clothes everyday, I've been working on getting her to pick things out on her own but she isn't very self sufficient when it comes to these things.  This morning she said she wanted to wear her black skirt so I told her to pick out a shirt to go with it and she didn't like that idea so I said pick out two or three and then I can help you.  She had them all laid out on her bed when I walked in her room. 

All ready to go to school

Brooklyn and I went to Target, Trader Joe's and my favorite place, Coffee Bean.  I think she loves this place as much as I do.

I told myself I would not buy anything at Target, just a gift for my nephew and an exchange and then leave.....well they didn't have what I was looking for for my nephew but the pumpkin candle and doormat were on sale and I just couldn't pass them up.  Darn you Target!!

Back at home it was time for some Pre-K homework with Brooklyn

I love Trader Joe's California Rolls, I always pick these up for me to eat for lunch when I stop in.

My only Fall decor out so far is my new doormat, carpets are getting cleaned next week and then I'll drag out the rest and I'm trying to burn all my candles out now before I bring out the yummy pumpkin smelling ones.  Can't wait to add some pretty Fall flowers to the planters too.

She's home and has a little time to play after homework.

Brooklyn has tap and ballet so off to spend more time at the dance studio 

It's 5:30 now and I'm looking forward to a shower and reading a little before trying to find something on t.v. to watch.  I sure am looking forward to my favorite shows coming back on!