Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Greenspot Farms Field Trip

Today Brooklyn had her very first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch at Greenspot Farms.  She was of course super excited to ride on the bus and I was excited to go and help out with her class for the day.  We all got to school and said our goodbyes to Kayla and then Brooklyn and I headed to her classroom to wait for the busses to arrive.

Here she is right after we arrived at the farm, she said the bus ride was fun and she enjoyed sitting with her friends. 

The kids got to run through a maze and then they sat and listened to the farmer explain the process of how pumpkins grow.

And below is Brooklyn trying to get as far away from me as possible!  This kid has been begging and waiting for me to help out in her class and today I am finally there to be a part of her day and she wanted nothing to do with me.  I had a total of four kids to watch after and the other three completely listened when I called their names but nope not Brooklyn.  They were off looking for pumpkins and I was trying to call her to tell her there were some cute ones over by me but she just ignored me.  #littlebrat

Eventually I pulled her aside and told her that if she ever wants me to help out again she better listen to me because she was being rude.  After that she was back to her normal sweet self.

After all the pumpkins were gathered and thrown in a bag for the kiddos to carry it was time to ride the tractor through the farm.  This was one of Brooklyn's favorites of the day.  There were a few moments I was a bit worried about tipping or falling down the cliff but nope not Brooklyn she was laughing and having a good old time.

The farm also sells their own honey made right there on the farm.  The kids all learned how the honey was made and got to taste it as well.  This was also Brooklyn's favorite part, she loved the honey!

After it was time to visit the animals.

These huge smelly pigs made me decide I do not want pigs on my farm one day! #stilldreamingofmyfarm

Brooklyn was cracking up in this picture below because the horse was trying to eat her bow but mommy moved her out of the way just in time!

Brooklyn's other favorite of the day was feeding the goats and sheep.  

After that it was time to head back to school.  Her class didn't get a chance to run through the hay maze which was a bummer but they didn't know that so it was okay.  I guess our farmer took a little too much time explaining the honey process so we ran out of time but I remembered later that Brooklyn got to do it back when we went with Kayla for her Kindergarten field trip so that made me feel a little better.  They had such a fun time and I enjoyed being able to help out and experience it all again with Brooklyn just like I got to with Kayla when she was in Kindergarten.

Friday, October 2, 2015

This Week

This week has been BUSY!  We have had somewhere to be everyday after school so I'm really looking forward to tonight when hubby takes Kayla to practice so I can be home!!  I did make time earlier in the week to bake some chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  It's finally cooling off a bit around here and we may even get rain in a few days, fingers crossed! 

Brooklyn has been spending her time writing stories in her notebook whenever she can.  She draws pictures, colors them and writes a story exactly as her sister used to do all the time and still does when she has free time.  Love my creative little spirits.

Kayla was telling me how all her friends make their own lunches and said she wanted to make hers from now on.  I said sure!  Little did she know that didn't mean she could put whatever she wanted in her lunch.   She made sure to tell me I could leave to do other stuff because she could put everything in herself  and when I told her I still need to make sure she is putting healthy items in her lunch she wasn't too happy.

She got over it pretty quick and has been making her lunch for the past 3 mornings. 

Brooklyn found a fun craft in a magazine and decided she needed to make it for her teacher.  So we gathered all the supplies and a cute candy corn garland was made for her to take to her teacher the next day.

Wednesday was picture day for Kayla also known as the only day she lets me curl her hair!  She looks so pretty and grown up.

Brooklyn stayed home this day so I told Kayla I could drop her off on the big kid drop off side and she was pretty happy about that.  There she goes for the first time through the big kid gates to enter school. 

Brooklyn has been fighting a cold for awhile now but Wednesday morning she slept until 7:30 and woke up miserable and in tears.  Her throat and head were hurting so I kept her home since her picture day was Thursday and I didn't want her to miss it.  She rested all day while we read books and watched Halloween movies together.

She sounded a lot better on Thursday so off she went all pretty for her picture day. 

Thursday and Friday I picked up our little buddy from school along with Kayla and since he is a grade below her he gets out on the other side of the school which was amazing cuz I don't have to wait 30 - 45 minutes for pick up like usual.  So I took my time and went to Starbucks for a chai latte and then picked up the kids.

They came home and ran around like crazies until they got tired and then played Uno instead

The girls had some extra time before school so they popped in Spookley the Square Pumpkin to watch while they waited for me to get ready.

After school shenanigans with their buddy.  We stopped on the way home to pick up some Wendy's Frosty's to celebrate the end of the week.

After too much fun playing in the back yard their buddy went home and hubby came home and took the girls to soccer.  Now I'm relaxing at home and enjoying a glass of wine, the perfect way to end a very long and busy week!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Gift for the Girls

Happy October!
I love celebrating each holiday with the girls and do my best to make sure they get just as excited as I do for each one.  A few days ago I put together a little Halloween gift together for them to find on their beds when they got home from school.  They love finding surprises and their reaction is always worth it for me.

I try to gather little items that are very inexpensive as I see them so that I'm not running around last minute to find things.   For this particular gift they each received a jack o lantern light($1), clip on glittery spider(.99), ghost peeps(2 for $3), Halloween bracelet($1) and Halloween pajamas(on sale for $14).

I purchased the pajamas back in the beginning of September while they were on sale and as you can see everything else was super affordable.  Now I just have to hope it actually gets cold enough for them to wear long sleeve pajamas here!

I tucked everything in a cute bag I already had on hand and set them on the girls beds.  They were both thrilled to find their gifts when they arrived home from school and it was fun for me to put it all together.  
Just a simple and fun way to get in the Halloween spirit!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Life Lately

First off this week Brooklyn received an award for Student of the Month!!  We didn't tell her she would be receiving the award but she knew as soon as she walked in and saw us sitting at the assembly that she would be getting one.

Her award said,
"One smart cookie, super effort in all tasks, works hard all day long, good manners and Marvelous writer and illustrator!"
So proud of our sweet girl, she is kicking butt in Kindergarten this year!

Her best buddy also got an award!

After her assembly it was time for Kindergarten pick up so we took her straight to Jack in the Box so she could pick out her kids meal which she enjoyed very much.

Since daddy was home I got put him in charge of picking up Kayla from school while Brooklyn and I ran some errands.  First stop was Target where she really enjoyed checking out all the Halloween decorations.

Earlier this week we were up to our usual schedule, school, homework, soccer practices.  Kayla and her reading, she is currently the top reader in her class and second overall in third grade.  She loves to read, here she is on the way to soccer practice fitting in some more reading on the car ride over.  I woke up this morning, which just so happens to be a Saturday and she was in her bed reading just like every other day.

Brooklyn might just be following in her big sisters footsteps.  Everyday while we wait to pick up Kayla she practices her reading.  She is very excited to one day read chapter books like her big sis!

Wednesdays are the best because there is no soccer practice and the girls spend the afternoon playing together and I get to enjoy their giggles and enjoy just being home.

Brooklyn showing off her fun bracelet she got to make at school to help with counting

and today finally the weekend we have some free time to lounge around and relax before soccer games start.  It's a playing with shopkins and watching Hotel Transylvania morning for the girls while I relax with my tea before the busy day begins.
Happy Weekend!