Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Break Part 1

The girls have the entire week off for Thanksgiving and we have been keeping busy!  Friday after pick up we headed straight to the library and stocked up on books and some dvd's.

The girls made me proud and slipped in the Annie dvd they picked out as soon as we got home.

Saturday morning I woke up grabbed my chai tea and climbed back in bed!

Kayla and daddy were headed to the L.A. Auto Show for the day so Brooklyn and I had a day full of fun planned.

First up was egg nog and a Christmas movie,

then we did some crafting

followed by cookie baking

and then of course we ate some along with hot cocoa

When that was all done I plopped myself on the couch and enjoyed some Hallmark channel Christmas movies!

When Kayla and daddy got home they told us how they had a great time at the car show and Kayla even found a car she really liked which I'm pretty sure was based on the color alone but still a good choice!

Sunday we caught Kayla up to speed and she got her crafting on.

We had movie night Sunday night, Brooklyn had been waiting for the past month for the new Sofia the First special so we made sure to pop some popcorn and watch the movie together.  We love to cuddle over here!

Monday was playdate day and Brooklyn's bestest buddy came over to hang out.  This is how they greet each other every single time they see each other, it's adorable!

Tuesday I took the girls shopping, Kayla needed to pick out a dress for Christmas and a top for Thanksgiving.  We got so much shopping done and at one point I was talking to Kayla and heard Brooklyn say "look it's the perfect size for me!"  and I turned to see this,

oh this girl!  She really wanted it too.

shopping, lunch and more shopping!
I had so much fun spending the day with them and got just about all my Christmas shopping done!! 

Love having them home with me.


For the past few years for the month of November the girls share one thankful a day and write it down.  In the past we have had a thankful tree but this year each thankful was placed in a silver bowl on the coffee table where they could go through and read each of their thankfuls whenever they wanted to.   Here is a list of what they have each been thankful for this month.

papa Russ watching us
chrome books
to walk and run
going to first hockey game
mom and dad
chicken noodle soup
our home
our cars
a bed
God and Jesus

making friends
my ears
my feet
having a sister
rides at Knotts Berry Farm
God and Jesus
our pets
being good
my body
playing on the swings
helping people

Monday, November 24, 2014

Our Thankful Home

In five short days our Thankful Home will turn into our Christmas Home so today I wanted to share a few spots that are decorated with bits of Fall still hanging on!  After all the Halloween is packaged up all that is left are pumpkins scattered here and there along with whatever turkey art the girls bring home from school or make for crafts.  It's hard to believe it will all be put away so soon!

of course below is always my favorite kind of Thanksgiving decorations,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pre-K Thanksgiving

I was a bit sad this morning making my way to Brooklyn's class when I realized this is my last year being able to help out at her preschool and having the chance to enjoy all the holiday celebrations with her at school.  Sure next year in Kindergarten they will celebrate a little bit but not like they do in preschool.  She lucked out this year in Pre-K the school made all the students a turkey and then parents helped out by bringing side dishes and pumpkin pie!

I made sure to volunteer to help set up and pass out food for the kids.  They each had made their own turkey placemat and hat for their feast.  I am super excited about the placemat because I have a matching one at home that Kayla made 4 years ago!!! 

After they all played a game and listened to a story about the first Thanksgiving they ran to their seats and prayed before digging into their feast.

Brooklyn particularly liked the stuffing, bread and of course the pumpkin pie!

All the kids got to take turns sharing what they were thankful for, Brooklyn said she was thankful for, "my family"

My sweet girl, we are so thankful for you!